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I am passionate about assisting my clients to secure that interview. As the Principal of d’Scriptive Words, and an internationally accredited and multi award-winning resume writer, since 2003 I have assisted job candidates across multiple industries and countries, and will work with you via my online service developing a powerful, one-of-a-kind resume and cover letter to draw out your unique brand, communicate your unique value and set you apart from your competition.

Employing the expertise of a professional who is experienced in drawing out key information relevant to your industry and career direction, and with the clear view impartiality provides, is essential in your job search strategy. After all, this is not just a job! This is your life.

Past and Present Qualifications:

Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW)

Certified Expert Resume Writer (CERW)

Certified Resume Writer (CRW)

Advanced Diploma in Writing and Editing

Diploma in Freelance Journalism

Writing Awards:

2013: Winner - Journalist of the Year: NSW Excellence in Surveying and Spatial Information Awards

Toast of the Resume Industry Awards:

2010: Finalist - Best International Resume

2008: 2nd Place - Best International Resume | 3rd Place - Best Cover Letter

2007: Winner - Best International Resume | Finalist - Best Cover Letter

2006: No awards due to restructuring

2005: Winner - Best Professional Resume | Finalist - Best Cover Letter and Best Executive Resume

2004: Finalist - Best Executive Resume

2003: Winner - Best Cover Letter

Resume Client Success & Professional Feedback

“Hi Beverley, I just wanted to thank you again. After submitting my resume I got a response in less than a week with offers for interviews for 3 out of the 4 positions I applied for. My skills in this field are good however I did not know how to sell them to potential employers and I had struggled to get noticed. Thanks to the stand out resume and cover letter and follow up assistance with interviewing techniques I have just received a job offer that is a huge step for my career. I am ecstatic. I have been offered a full time position with one of the biggest heavy machinery distributors in Australia with an opportunity to work in several different countries around the world and make quite a substantial wage. Thank you so much for your help with this. I appreciate the doors that you have helped open for me and I will never be able to thank you enough for your assistance. Thanks again.”

A. Howell

“The resume and cover letter you wrote had a significant impact on my career as I was straight away offered an interview leading to a pharmaceutical sales job.”

N Sahani

“All went well with my interview and they were nothing short of impressed with me.....thanks to you. Your cards and information on your business were readily available at the agency. You’re obviously well known. I'll keep you in the loop for future projects and thanks again.”

J Smith

"I can't remember if I've thanked you for being so lovely to deal with. It makes a big difference to me and I find I don't feel as alone with it all. It's well worth the cost of the resume to just have you there on my side."

S. Cantrill

"It was a lovely experience to work with Beverley; she is an amazing individual that took the time to help me with my resume and cover letter in a very time constrictive situation. She was very patient with me and prompted me with encouragement at every step of the process and the results are amazing. Thank you so very much for the time and effort that you took to provide a wonderful service."

T Bardell

"I thought I might share some news with you. Your style in resume writing got my phone ringing and finally landed me a new job. Thanks Beverley."

S Al-Habsi

“Thank you so much for preparing my resume. I have already noticed the difference in responses (from preparing my own). On Monday I applied for 3 positions and 2 have already got back to me with both interviews yesterday, one face to face and the other a telephone interview. This is an excellent hit rate and it is now only two days later.”


“Just wanted to let you know that I am joining [XYZ Company] tomorrow as their Customer Services Sales Manager and to say thanks for your help.”

Jenny H.

“What will get you above all is how [Beverley] stays by your side from the start till the very end, almost, if not equally, as concerned as you to send through the very finest application. What you get is more than what you pay for.”

Shahid M.

"Hi Beverley, Uum... Holy cow. That is one beautiful piece of work, you are worth more than you charge. Well done, you have blown me away."

Roslind B,
Human Resources Manager

"I had a great response to my resume and got 100% success rate to go from job application to interview stage. I now have a great job as an Office Manager with part-time, flexible hours, 5 minutes from home with interstate and overseas travel! Can’t get much better than that."

Karen L.

“The recruitment agency told me my resume was awesome. You give an excellent service, I always know what's expected and you deliver on time. BEST SERVICE!”

Tracey N

“I have found a job that I am really excited about. I would like to thank you again for working so hard on my resume, it was one of the key factors that got me through the door. Genuinely brilliant work.”

Jillian T

“Just a quick note to say a massive big THANK YOU. Two weeks after posting out my resume to potential clients I have secured a contract with an up and coming event management company for the next six months. The positive feedback I have received has been fantastic. Some of the very best comments about my resume have been from Brisbane's leaders in the event management industry and it has given me the boost back into the game that I needed. Sincere thanks.”

Penelope K

“In my role, I need to assess often up to 100 resumes a day and some of these include those that have been prepared by Beverley. They are often immediately recognisable due to their professional look, relevance to the position and representation of the candidate’s key strengths and achievements. Because of this, many of her clients end up on my shortlists. I have met some brilliant candidates who have been let down by some very poor resumes and potentially missed out on some great opportunities. I know that Beverley can make a real difference to these people’s careers and ultimately their lives. It is for this reason that I regularly recommend her to people needing help with their resumes or perhaps those wanting an ‘edge’.”

Ben Healan
Executive Recruitment Consultant

“There is no doubt in my mind that Beverley’s professional service and support was the key to open the corporate doors that were previously locked tight. Value for money? In hindsight I would have paid double!”

Colin G

“I have been reviewing resumes for years, and Beverley's resumes are an absolute stand out. She does a brilliant job of highlighting the skills and abilities of the job seeker.”

Celeste Kennedy
Past Recruitment Specialist
Bond Recruitment

“I am absolutely delighted with the result. You skilfully integrated the relevant information gathered from your questionnaire and constructed some very effective documents. I am indebted to you for a task well done and I will keep you updated on my progress.”


“…I'm loving my job and the territory is doing very well. Thank you for your professional help, without your work I would not have got the opportunity to prove myself to the company!”

Steve J

“WOW! What an in depth wonderful discovery tour this questionnaire is! It has taken me a while, but as you said it would it has uncovered much and has been fabulous to do.”


“The resume is a work of art Beverley - Anna & her boss Amanda were stunned at how fabulous it is.”

Barbara K

“Oooooooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaaaaaah - goodness Beverley, how do you do write like this? It's first class - I love it. Of all the resumes I have read from the experts, yours are the only ones that somehow manage to get across a 'human' quality. When reading your resumes, you can 'feel' the person. You get such a strong sense of a real person behind it.”


“Thank you Beverley. You have a gifted ability to take a lot of facts and statements and create them into an extremely professional and impressive resume. I actually believed my resume looked pretty good before I gave it to you but you really blew me away with what you produced. Your professionalism throughout the process was obvious and done with heart – thank you.”

Andrew E

"Beverley Neil's resumes definitely stand out from the crowd. They are professional, informative and really help give candidates a good platform to sell their skills and experience effectively to the reader."

Amanda Gan
Recruitment Specialist & Manager
Sapphire Healthcare Recruitment

"I had finished my Graduate Diploma of Counselling but had been out of the workforce for about 20 years. Beverley's skills in writing my resume were invaluable. When I read my resume I couldn't believe at first that I was reading about me! My self-esteem just got a makeover! I landed the first job I applied for and felt amazing. Beverley is a wordsmith!”

Geraldine G

“Thank you for all your help. They contacted me for an interview straight after I submitted the application. Your interview e-booklet and newsletter were very helpful. Again, really appreciate your brilliant work – thanks! Will definitely recommend you to others.


“I was contacted by the recruitment agency yesterday and she advised me that they have chosen me for that role. I am so grateful with the outcome of your help.”

Kirsty Y

"The confidence boost I gained overnight from Beverley Neil's extraordinary skills in reproducing my resume and cover letter for the corporate sales market has given me the cutting edge I needed for all face-to-face interviews. I have no hesitation in recommending d'Scriptive Words for putting yourself in the front running for any position."


“Guess what, I'm in. XX rang me this morning and an interview is being set up with XX tomorrow. He was very impressed with my credentials, thanks to you. I am getting a brief emailed through with a detailed job description, and interview details sometime this afternoon. I am soooo excited. Fingers crossed for me. You’re absolutely brilliant, there’s no better in my opinion.”

Carol R

“I was concerned at the start about doing this without the face-to-face contact, but I have had no difficulty whatsoever and thank you for providing a great service. I found you very professional but also friendly and approachable. I feel a lot more confident now with a professional resume.”

Ruki B

“Today I actually landed a great job with [XYZ Company]. They are an international marketing firm and have employed me full time as a marketing and sales assistant. This is a great opportunity. The resume and cover letter were great and I feel they greatly contributed to me finding my new job. Thank you for finding a way to convey in a professional manner what I have to offer to my employer and thank you for taking the time to do so.”

Joe S

“What a beautiful job you did on the resume!!! Outstanding!!!
Your resume writing skills are excellent!!!”

Wendy Enelow
Past President - Career Masters Institute

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