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Far from being a lifeless chronicle of your work history, your resume and cover letter need to be powerful sales tools selling you, your expertise, your life and work experience, and your relevance to the position. Your resume needs to be the most powerful document you can make it because...

This Is Not Just A Job – This Is Your Life!

Don’t be misled — no matter the industry or the level, everyone needs the best possible resume, the best possible chance at securing the interview and the best possible chance at securing the perfect job.

Each resume I write is tailored to the job candidate and to meeting the key criteria for that particular job or industry. But more than that, though I work online, with each resume I compile I never lose sight of the individual person and of how important each resume is to that person and to his or her family.

You’ve heard it often enough – Life is not a rehearsal therefore we, all of us, should shoot for the stars every chance we get! And that includes your resume.

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